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One of the leading bale bed manufacturing companies in the United States, Butler Beds designs and creates beds that are functional, economical and highly dependable. Another Oklahoma-based business, 2-D Trailer Sales is happy to carry a large inventory of products from Butler Beds.

Effectively transport your bales of hay

•  Arm beds

   (holds two bales at a time)

•  Spike beds

•  Cross bed toolboxes

•  Hydraulic outlets

•  Removable side rails

•  Receiver hitches

Bale bed options:

Need a corral to move and hold your livestock? What about a trailer to transport your animals? Whatever you need, 2-D Trailer Sales can help. We've been helping people from Oklahoma City to Amarillo with prompt and courteous service for years. Contact us today.

Get trailers and equipment for all of your farming needs

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